Within politics, I’ve been a silent spectator for over a decade now. While working a string of odd jobs—commercial production, editor in chief of two publications, leasing consultant, and small business owner—I’ve watched our country drown in regulations while the spirit of capitalism hemorrhaged on the wayside.

Trump & Conquer began as a small publication with the goal to help fight the mega-conglomerate that is the Leftist Media. It’s no wonder today’s Liberal has collectively lost their mind after the ticking-time-bomb Hillary Clinton let on the world during her distasteful campaign. Hillary’s unsighted crookedness has caused the formerly sheepish Left to fight what they believe to be hated with actual hate.

With Donald Trump’s victory, it’s clear that those who have been silent now have a voice. The American people chose President Trump and his win will not be delegitimized by the Leftist Media, despite their refusal to call him President. Regardless of these actions, the silent majority now has a voice for the people.

President Trump has already made good on many of his campaign promises and his ability to run the country like a business is exactly what America needs. Those who stand behind the President of the United States should not feel fear for their beliefs. In many ways, we are David fighting Goliath, but as such, each stone that we cast at the Leftist Media needs to be concentrated and direct.

Please stand with us as we stand behind the President of the United States.

-Brock Swinson, Trump & Conquer

Brock Swinson is a freelance writer and editor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Jessica. Over the years, he’s worked with a series of start-ups and businesses such as The Rogue Valley Messenger, eBay, FoodTank, Creative Screenwriting Magazine, Tokii, Carolina Monthly, and is also a current political contributor at Monday Monday Network.

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